Dr. Elizabeth M. Boyd received her BS in Psychology from Central Michigan University and her MA and PhD from Michigan State University in Organizational Psychology. Her most recent academic appointment was as Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University.

After a series of very serious health issues that left her essentially without the use of her hands and arms and in considerable pain around the clock, Dr. Boyd left her academic career (at least temporarily) to focus on her health and on work that is more meaningful and impactful in her own life.

Following over a year of failed diagnoses, dozens of ER/doctor/specialist visits, and many attempts at medication and treatment regimens, Dr. Boyd finally found relief and healing through the responsible use of cannabis. She moved back to her home state of Michigan where cannabis is legal recreationally and medically with the goal to spread hope and healing through cannabis.

In early 2019 Dr. Boyd founded and began serving as Director of Operations for FREE GREEN, an organization whose purpose is to provide cannabis products, along with consultation about responsible use, to Veterans living in Michigan.

To learn more about FREE GREEN or to help support its efforts, click here.